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There are many signs that your car needs engine repair, and it could be related to a wide variety of components. Perhaps you need engine repair because the piston rings are worn, the spark plugs are failing, the crankshaft is broken or the valves are not functioning properly. The latest engines are complex and high-tech, so you shouldn’t trust your engine repairs to just any mechanic. 


For a reliable, high-quality engine repair, call Jeff Dobbin’s Auto Service Inc. today. Our fully-qualified professionals are ready to help.

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At Jeff Dobbin's Auto Service Inc, we not only specialize in fixing transmissions, but we also rebuild them. We welcome you to contact us if you need a transmission repair. We’re located at 1847 E M-79 Hwy, Hastings MI 49058. Our team of ASE-Certified technicians are ready, willing, and able to do quality transmission repairs. We look forward to your visit and providing you exceptional service!

Transmission Service

Your scheduled maintenance will involve different services, all according to the mileage on your vehicle. Our services include:

  • Battery Inspection

  • Brake Pad & Fluid Replacement

  • Fluid Flushing & Replacement

  • Fuel Filter Replacement

  • Oil & Oil Filter Changes

  • Suspension System Inspection


Regular service ensures and expands the lifespan of all the internal components of your vehicle. Transmissions require regular servicing and maintenance.


If you notice that your gear shifts are not as smooth as they used to be, or you would like an evaluation of your transmission, please contact us.

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Our exhaust and muffler repair services cover old and new cars, from minor repairs to major repairs. If you smell exhaust fumes or hear rattling noises on your vehicle, or if your car is noticeably louder than usual, we have the fix for that.


Our advanced and specialized equipment allows us to bring the exhaust back to the original condition. We specialize in muffler replacement, and muffler repairs on custom applications are no problem either!


We have the experience and knowledge to take on any general muffler or exhaust repair in a timely manner. We will address any concerns that may become future issues.

Give us a call today, our friendly staff will help you and we'll provide the best possible service for custom exhaust and mufflers. 



At Jeff Dobbin's Auto Service Inc. we provide a wide range of repair services for both import and domestic automotive brake systems. 


Our technicians are trained and certified to service all types of front and rear brake systems. We will provide you with a thorough brake inspection to ensure both your front and rear brakes are working properly. Additionally, we can provide you with a brake problem diagnosis that will give you service options and a brake repair cost estimate.


Our mechanics specialize in everything from brake rotor servicing to brake cylinder and pad replacement, as well as problems with anti-lock brake systems. 

Car Disc Brake
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With time, the alignment on your vehicle wheels begins to change from its factory standard. As you drive your car, these moving parts naturally begin to lose their efficiency, causing the car to start drift to one particular side, decreasing the lifespan of your tires, and even reducing your fuel economy.

Call Jeff Dobbin's Auto Service Inc. for a fast wheel alignment that will have you back on the road in no time and save you money on unnecessary repairs.



During summer, the interior of your car can feel like an oven. Make sure that your AC and heating are in great condition so that you can travel without suffering, no matter the season.


Our expert mechanics can give you fast and efficient results at a fair price that will keep your repairs in your budget. Contact us today.

Air-Conditioning and Heater Service include:

  • Complete air-conditioning service and repair

  • Heater repair

  • Electronic leak detection

Drive in comfort with our A/C repair.

AC Repair
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Jeff Dobbin's Auto Service Inc. offers quality, affordable shock, struts, and suspension repair. The steering system and shocks bear the weight of your car, and maintain the tires on the road when driving and assist in delivering a hassle-free, safer ride. Properly aligned steering and suspension provide a smoother and controlled ride.

Your shocks and struts are part of your vehicle's suspension and steering system. They allow your wheels to move independently of the car while keeping it "suspended" and stable. Our team of certified technicians are trained to perform all of the necessary repairs or replacement services for all makes and models of vehicles domestic or foreign.


We will do a full inspection of your suspension system first to make sure that you actually need shock or strut repair or replacement.  Make your appointment today. 



Improve your vehicle’s handling, increase tire life and drive with safety by checking your tires every month to ensure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure. At Jeff Dobbin's Auto Service Inc. we offer a wide range of new and used tires, all-season tires, snow tires and performance tires for your vehicle.


Let our professionals help you find, balance and mount the right tires for your car. Our tire service includes: 

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Tire Mounting

  • Tire Balancing

  • Tire Rotation

  • Tire Inspection

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